Friday, April 29, 2011

Art Nouveau Poster Collector's Circular 1899 | @PostersPlease (Auction May 1st)

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"No. 1, January 1899

The very first issue of this popular periodical. Printed in January of 1899, this is volume 1, number 1, published by P.G. Huardel & Co.

With a surprisingly large number of Art Nouveau reproductions, this periodical fabulously shows off the passion for posters at the turn of the century. The table of contents notes such topics as 'Our Object,' 'On Poster Collecting,' 'New Posters (A Critique), 'New Posters (A List),' 'Entre Nous,' 'Answers to Correspondents,' and 'Poster Bourse (Mucha).' It is a rare chance to see first hand how posters were viewed at the time of their creation!"

Auction May 1st at 11 AM - 601 W. 26th NYC (live-auction available online too) Posters Please = International Poster Center

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