Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Three exhibits at The Royal Alberta #Museum (RAM) in St. Albert

Trio of tales to tell | Local A & E | St. Albert Gazette:

Illegal Killer Trade – Habitat destruction is a major cause of species extinction. However, the unlicensed commercial exploitation of animals comes second and the destiny of most endangered species unfortunately lies in the hands of collectors and tourists.
“One hundred years ago, tigers numbered about 100,000. In the world today, there are less than 6,000,” says Mark Edwards, RAM curator of mammalogy.

Better Choose Me: Collecting and Creating with Tobacco Fabric Novelties – Aggressive marketing strategies are often credited to the post-war boom that fuelled big business dreams. However, American tobacco companies laid the blueprint for seductive marketing nearly 50 years earlier.
Better Choose Me takes us to the Victorian era from 1880 to 1920, a time of intense competition for tobacco sales. While anti-smoking bans became popular only in the 20th century, many turn-of-the-century women frowned on the manly pursuit of smoking cigars/cigarettes and chewing tobacco.
Heart and Soul: Quebec Folk Art – Originally designed by the Canadian Museum of Civilization in 2008 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Quebec City, this touring exhibit showcases the donated collection of art dealer Nettie Covey Sharpe.
Featured in the exhibit are carvings, sculptures, paintings, ceramics and other creations that highlight the traditional rural landscape of la belle province. The oldest dated work is a 1741 set of the Holy Family. That contrasts with a funky contemporary truck built from green Labatt’s bottle caps.

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