Saturday, March 12, 2011

#poll When is it time to stop #collecting? (Never)

Eric Jess » Are you a collector?
Are you a collector?

I don’t like to keep to much, as knowing people that are hoarders, to much stuff has always made me feel overwhelmed and stressed out. When I let things get a little messy, My productivity stops. That doesn’t mean I don’t collect anything though. I admit I have things from my childhood, like little toys, race cars, and shoes, I just will not GIVE UP! But to much is TO MUCH.

I have an aunt, who loves dolls. (Creeps me out too) She has to much! ..........

There needs to be a time, to stop. A time we’re enough is enough. There is a time when you are a “collector” and then turn into a hoarder.

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