Friday, March 25, 2011

Golf ball collection to be given away

Collector giving away 2,500 golf balls -
Photo detail
"On a whim in 1990 Jackson began collecting logo golf balls. He was in a regular group at Bonita Golf Club, and all his friends started collecting for him too. If they found a ball in the bushes and it had a logo, it went to Jackson.

Friends needled him about it. One would joke: “Are you getting a great price for those at the swap meet?”

The Jacksons, who have lived above Mission Valley since 1965, embraced their new hobby. As Don’s collection grew, Betty got him a display rack for Christmas. “What else were we going to do with them?” she said with a laugh.

Two racks became four, and four became seven. There are 700 balls on display in those racks and another 1,800 or so that occupy 11 white buckets that once held chlorine tablets for the Jacksons’ pool."

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