Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Collecting | Ars Libri Boston moving to a new home

Art books destination Ars Libri heading for a new home - The Boston Globe

Ars Libri, which was established in 1976, is easily the best place to buy art books off the shelf in Boston. But to Elmar Seibel, the brains behind Ars Libri, that fact is almost incidental. What’s more, due to momentous shifts taking place in the book-selling business, it may not remain the case for much longer.
He has been responsible for establishing whole libraries, including the library of a research institute connected to the world’s richest museum (the Getty); he has been on intimate and influential terms with collectors, scholars, diplomats, philosophers, and artists; and, through both his dealings at Ars Libri and his private collecting, he has pursued a mission to bridge the intellectual and aesthetic divide between the West and the cultures of Persia and Islam.

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