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Lincoln photographs and lost memorabilia

Berea College houses extensive collection of Lincoln photos
The Shedd/Schwarzschild Abraham Lincoln Collection consists of over 1800 books and other materials. Included are Eastman Johnson’s famous picture of “The Boy Lincoln,” a gift to the College in 1908; two handsome bronze plaques; and an original Lincoln letter. An Abraham Lincoln Collection in Historical Collections includes numerous photographs, printed memorabilia, and other period pieces supplementing the book collection. New books about Lincoln are regularly added to the collection.

News and historical Images (Resources via Purchase Library)
Young Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, candidate for U.S. president." by Preston Butler, August 1860.
Courtesy of Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Collection.

Everything to do with Abraham Lincoln: biographies and articles, podcasts and educational materials, ephemera and pop culture. It's here!

Abraham Lincoln Presidential memorabilia, collectibles, souvenirs

Lincoln's Lost memorabilia
Lost speeches and missing correspondence
• The Bixby Letter
• The stovepipe hat with the bullet hole (from the first attempt, 8 months previous to his his assassination
• Notes to the Gettysburg Address or photographs of the event
• Death Quilt from the house owned by William Petersen across from Ford Theatre. As a guest in the house only weeks before, John Wilkes Booth slept under the same quilt that Lincoln died upon.

British royal family memorabilia - Guinness Book Record holder is an Aussie

Our crown jewel of a royal collector | The Daily Telegraph

JANET Williams has been named the world's biggest collector of British royal family memorabilia by the Guinness Book of World Records and the UK newspaper The Daily Mail.

But she's not a Brit - she's a grandmum from Woonona, near Wollongong [NSW, Australia], who has turned her modest brick home into a shrine to the Windsors.

...she became mesmerised by the royal family following a visit by Queen Elizabeth to Bulli in 1954 as part of her Australian tour.

"We were dressed in red, white and blue and I remember us kids running behind the black car she was riding in, waving our flags," Mrs Williams said.

Mouse traps and rat trap collection

Collection of antique live traps for rats from the Antique Mouse & Rat Trap Gallery.
Ingenious contraptions have a strange appeal as sculptural objects.

WANTED List. Including Bonanza Mouse Trap 

WANTED Royal No 1 Mouse Trap (1879)

Cage style "Live traps" (more examples below)
“I love the story of ‘Cinderella’ and how the fairy godmother transforms a pumpkin into a beautiful carriage and the mice and rats into horses to pull it,” Putsch said. [Mary Putsch of Janesville, Wis.] “I really like the illustrations, and that’s what brought me to mousetraps. “In my picture book, when Cinderella went to get these mice for her fairy godmother, they were in something that looked to me like a bird cage,” she said.  It was, in fact, a live trap for mice."

“Having never seen anything except one of those flat, snap mousetraps, I couldn’t imagine how even a fairy godmother could make anything out of what was left in one of those.” While browsing an antique shop one day, Putsch noticed a bird cage-like device hanging from the ceiling. The tag on the item read “rat trap,” and Putsch instantly understood what the story and illustration in her Cinderella book was about. “So I had to buy that trap,” she said. Later, Putsch found the same trap — only smaller and designed to catch mice. “So I was off and running,” she said. A 20-year obsession was born."

[And I love the story of how these collections get started]

"There are 4,400-some patents on mousetraps. That’s more than any other single item.” Although Putsch has never counted her traps, she estimates she has at least 100 dating back to the 1800s. She’s found her treasures in antique shops and flea markets, had them given as gifts, bought them on trips abroad and even had a few made by her husband.
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